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Bluetooth gps connection problems

ulmus shared this problem 9 years ago

Hi, i have mobile LG L9 with android 4.1.2 and gps logger holux rcv-3000.

When i am riding bicycle i am turning on my logger, from time to time i am looking at locus to check my position and very very often i have problems using locus inner bluetooth connection, it has very serious problems to connect. It often says that it cannot connect to my bluetooth receiver.

I have to turn off and on and off and on locus internal connection button to connect to gps. Very seldom it connects at start of locus pro.

I turned off bluetooth in locus. I am using now 'bluetooth gps' from market that interfacing my gps through bluetooth and shares gps location to every app in my mobile and i never had any problem with connection! I checked 2 different external gps providers for bluetooth and noone has problem with connection on start of application. Now i have working my logger like a charm. Now locus sees my gps just like internal receiver and i have no more problems with connection.

I am writing that after over 6 months of testing, so... i know what i am saying.

I was using few more apps to connect to my logger, like MTK.. downloader logged data and others and noone application has problem with starting connection to bluetooth gps... only Locus says that cannot connet in over 90% of cases but i must admit that if locus have connected then it doesnt loose that connection... unless i turn off locus and start again:)

Something is wrong with initial connection with bluetooth gps...

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Hello Ulmus,

problems with Bluetooth connection are the worst possible for me. Sorry to say, but unfortunately I'm still not yet perfectly skilled with BT features and without device in my hands, I'm usually not able to fix such problems.

Fortunately in case of BT GPS, there is already existing possibility over external program, as you already use.

If you want to try to fix it in Locus, you may try to create for me a log right after unsuccessful connection of Locus. Maybe there should be any clue. But I really cannot promise, it helps.

How to create a log is here . Unfortunately (again, sorry), Android 4.1.2 is worst because non of two simple methods for creating logs work there and only possibility is really complicated third method.


I would like to help you but i cant :( 4.1.2 cannot do logs, i dont know why but i start to save log and nothing happens :) it seems that 4.1.2 is realy bad version :)

But that problem (bt gps connection) is not so annoying since we have third party apps doing its job.

So... just keep in mind that such problem exist, maybe in the future will be solution.


Oki, I'll. Also keep this in mind, and try this feature also when you later update on higher version of Android.

Meanwhile I'll try to make work one BT GPS device I have at home and test it again in the field.

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