Bluetooth GPS setting in config.cfg

MichaelZ shared this idea 7 years ago

Hi Locus-Team,

would it be possible to have the setting of activating Bluetooth GPS in config.cfg? Then I think it could be possible to have two scripts, one that modifies the setting in the file to enable Bluetooth GPS and then launch Locus, the other that disables Bluetooth GPS and starts Locus. This way I imagine one could have two links on the home screen and choose on Locus start if internal or external GPS shall be used (although I don't know how to create a link for a script on the home screen, I'm using Nova Launcher).

Many Greetings


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Good day MichaelZ,

because of really specific use-case, low interest from other users and low usage of external Bluetooth GPS devices at all, I declining this idea. Thanks for understanding.

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