Bought maps no more available after device change

Martin Baran shared this question 5 years ago

Hello. I had bought all maps for Locus Pro covering the east Slovakia, some parts of Hungary and all High and Low Tatras in Slovakia. After device exchanging I am not able to download these BOUGHT maps again. Is there any chance to get them back for free and not to pay again for them? It was my big mistake I didnt realize to save all maps before reseting to factory defaults and selling the old cell phone. Thank you.

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Dobrý den Martine.

Bohužel jste nenapsal, o který druh map se jedná. Pokud si zakoupíte naše vektorové mapy, zaručujeme po dobu jednoho roku možnost opětovného stažení. Pokud jste si však zakoupil jiný druh map, než vektorové, není možnost se k těmto mapách opět dostat.

Do budou velmi doporučujeme pravidelné zálohy vašich dat pomocí Správce zálohování aby už k těmto nepříjemnostem nedocházelo.

Hello Martin.

It would be better to answer in english also for other users.

Unfortunately you didn't mention what kind of maps you would like to use again.

In case of vector maps - We guarantee the possibility of re-download purchased vector maps for one year

In case of other type of map - There is neccesary to manually backup your maps.

For other type of data (points, tracks, WMS,..) we recommend to use backup function in Locus app. Here you find more information about this function