Small street names are not displayed.

Zygmunt Lipka shared this question 7 months ago

Zakupiłem Locus Map Pro i było wszystko ok. Czyściłem śmieci w telefonie i wszystkie archiwa wykasowałem. Teraz wygląd mapy jest inny i brak nazw mniejszych ulic oraz wiele innych problemów.

I bought Locus Map Pro and it was all ok. I cleaned the trash on the phone and deleted all archives. Now the map is different and there are no smaller street names and many other problems.

I also don't have a preview of the trace because this message appears Track preview Track overview can only be rendered from vector maps, e.g. LoMaps. Download them from the Locus Store.

I deleted and uploaded the map again without any changes.

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Dear Zygmunt,

I guess that you used to use the LoMaps maps earlier. Please download the LoMap for your country in the Locus Store.

More about LoMaps and how get them is described at the article: