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Broken sharing GPX paths

Milan Kerslager shared this problem 9 years ago

Latest version broke sharing GPX path via external application.

Yesteday with older version I was able to export GPX path and then pick Dropbox to upload exported path immediately.

Today, Android prints me that there is no application to export by.

I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with original up-to-date Android 4.4.2.

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Good day Milan,

shame that you reported this issue few hours after I released quick 3.1.1 version.

You're absolutely correct with this issue. It's now fixed and will work correctly in next Locus release.


I geets sames problems. New update and nows the 'no application to export" sceern. <attached>. befores this update locus pro Was asking, every track, for application name to export (Googles Drive).

Before v3.0 update, locus pro was exporting automatic to Drive all the tracks time and not asking every track what app to use for export



Good day Lance,

as I wrote, this issue will be fixed in version this week.

About automatic update - if I remember correctly, we already discuss about it over email right? Anyway Locus directly do not support Google Drive, so it has to be some settings you made - like "Don't ask again" when you choose "Share type"

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