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BRouter - autoload computed route (last brouter*.gpx)

gynta shared this question 8 years ago

Menion do you see a possibility to autoload last created "brouter*.gpx" from items

after BRouter is finished?

I'm not sure but i think you need a "I'm done" from BRouter - right?

Any other ideas?

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Hmm and why this is needed? I thought that BRouter is directly integrated in Locus and there is no need for some external GPX files.

And yes, it's not simply possible. Only by some periodic checking of changes of files in mapItems directory.



hm eg


To compare routes with intermediate targets (right word?)

Try to move a point with integrated version

- you have to delete whole route and try again.

With via_POI, i can move this point and start again.


Add "nogo" feature from BRouter is not integrated.


No timeout after 60 seconds


but anyway - it's not simply possible. thx :)


And why don't you use "Add new route" function? Here you may move with points a lot simplier and immediately see result.

"nogo" - don't know what it is. Timeout is issue in BRouter.

Is there any progress in BRouter last months? For me it looks it's stuck on same level as half year before, or isn't?

Anyway understand. I don't use it (to be true, never used), so I do no see these differences. Thanks.


add new route: try it to move ONE point twice over whole map


Using nogo-areas:

There's a special naming-convention to specify nogo-areas:

"nogo[radius] [name]" defines a nogo-area, where radius (in Meter)

is optional and defaults to 20m, and the name is also optional.

So "nogo", "nogo1000", "nogo roadblock", "nogo200 badferry" are all valid

names for nogo-waypoints.

The effect is that BRouter searches a route that does not touch the disc

defined by the position and the radius of the nogo-area.

Nogo-Areas are effective in the service-interface and in the BRouter-App.

In the BRouter-App, you will get a nogo-dialog allowing to de-select them

if nogo-waypoints are found in the waypoint-database. This de-selection

can also be bound to a service mode using the "Server Mode" button to make

it effective in the service-interface as well, but initially, every nogo-area

is effective in the service-interface.

Nogo areas can be used either to account for real obstacles or to enforce

personal routing preferences.


For me it looks it's stuck on same level as half year before, or isn't?:

No ;)


Oki, understand, thanks :)

if you notice any progress in BRouter API, let me know. Maybe there is place to improve integration in Locus for some additional features/options.

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