BRouter-like hysteresis filter for imported routes

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this idea 2 years ago
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It may be a good idea that to implement an optional Brouter-like 10m hysteresis altitude filter(BRouter final stats, Brouter-web stats) for importing externally planned routes.

It would provide better consistency for route comparison of externally and internally generated BRouter based routes.

I have observed, as a rule of thumb, that raw=Locus route ascend gives about double value(plain start-goal accend subtracted), compared to BRouter filtered ascend.

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Note that it is not intended for altitude data filtering, just the route stats.

And, it may not be implemented to import itself, but can be independent action, applicable to any route.

So one could eventually flip between Locus-like / Brouter-like ascend stats.

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