BRouter/-Web attribution

Norbert Renner shared this problem 4 years ago

I was a bit surprised to see the BRouter-Web license and copyright (MIT, by me) on the first screenshot in the BRouter section of your recent Blog post.

I don't have Locus installed currently, so I don't know about the context, but is this really meant to credit BRouter-Web, which is only about the Html/JavaScript client, or rather BRouter itself (GPLv3, by Arndt), the routing engine, app and profiles?


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Good day Norbert,

my bad, sorry. I'm usually copying copyright for online maps from bottom of maps, like in this case. Anyway in this case, we are not talking about online maps.

Thank you for information. Issue will be fixed in next version of Locus Map! I'm surprised that even Arndt don't warned me even this issue is there for quite long time and as I know, he use Locus Map app.