Brouter with Locus profiles requests data download

Alfonico shared this question 10 months ago


I have been reading the various post concerning BRouter without success.


- Locus 3.31.3, Settings, Navigation, Navigation data source, BRouter, BRouter profiles.

- BRouter 4.11, with segments and profiles up to date in the Android BRouter folder.


Route planner, BRouter with Locus profiles, select start and end point, orange box pops out with message "Missing data file for offline routng; download now ?".

Of course this happens outiside possible data connexion.

Is it possible to download before hand at home the necessary data to avoid being stuck with this situation in the vast "NoDataLandand" ?

I have tried BRouter profiles which brought another problem detailed in a separate question.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards.

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Problem solved:

I uninstalled BRouter and erased BRouter folder.

Installed BRouter again and re-imported all segments and profiles.


Good day Alfonico,

sorry to hear about problems with BRouter app. Information about missing routing data is anyway "problem" of BRouter itself that Locus Map just displays. It rarely happens as we know usually after a change of device or some operations with SD card. Anyway if you were able to solve it > perfect.



If any body has problems with BRouter:

It is necessary to do a full install, reinstalling is not enough, it is necessary to delete or rename the BRouter folder after the uninstall and before the new install.. This is what worked for me:

- Uninstall BRouter (Android application uninstall)

- Delete or rename the BRouter folder (it is still there after the uninstall). If you want to keep the segments located in the folder BRouter/segments4, save them somewhere before; don't save the file storageconfig.txt located in BRouter/segments4.

- Install BRouter, launch BRouter and close BRouter. Copy the desired segments in the newly created folder BRouter/segments4.

No more problems, I am able now to use both BRouter and Locus profiles.

I consider the problem solved.

Thanks again for the help.