BSB marine charts

Alf Onico shared this idea 9 years ago
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One of the topics of the forum mentions the possibility to use marine BSB calibrated raster files within Locus through a complicated process involving a CPN utility, an Oruxmaps utility and Ozi Explorer (ouf !).

The software MAPC2MAPC is supposed to be able to convert the BSB charts to Locus compatible charts on a Windows machine.

It will be nice to be able to import BSB charts directly to Locus without having to use a third party utility.


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raster map files.. ok

Where can we find BSB marine charts?

What is BSB marine chart?

Can u give us please some more infos about this maps - or web links.

Maybe more people like it and vote for this idea.


I was already searching for some relevant information and seems that only public library for these files is here There`s also a description which is even more important.

Anyway, from description looks it`s possible to do this, but

1) I cannot find any terms of use for this format, so I`m not sure, it`s possible to use it.

2) implementing should take quite a lot of time and I`m not sure how much people use and want to use this format, so votes will say more ...

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