Bug when hitting the button "BACK" when recording a Track

Ferran Astals shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi Found a Bug in the Track Recording screen.

How to reproduce.

-Start Recording a Track.

-Click on the Rec Button (Track starts recording)

- After several points are created, Hit the Back button on top.

-All the Track Recording Info scrolls to the left but it remains a white screen on top of the map.


It should hide with the rest of the info.

If you touch on the map it scrolls to the left correctly. so it's the back button the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Android Lollipop 5.1.1


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Good day Ferran,

thank you for your report. Is this problem happen to you everytime you use this feature? I'm aware of this problem, but I was not able to simulate it. It happen really rarely to me (once per few months). I'll try your method later with hope, issue will be 100% reproducible. Thanks


You are right. It happens Randomly, not always. For example, I recorded a track with a lot of points yesterday and the back button worked fine.

But I found another error though:

When you just save a track for the first time, just after creating it, and you see the track Resume information (with the Statistics and the Chart...) if you rotate the mobile, the screen will rotate too but it will show the track name saving again, and not the Statistics and the Chart. If you click Save again, the TABS "Information", "Statistics", "Chart", "Laps", don't appear.

It's easy to reproduce, it happens always to me


1.- Record a Track.

2.- Click Stop

3.- The "Save as" screen appears.

4.- Give it a name and Save it. You'll see the Track Statistics screen.

5.- Now ROTATE your mobile screen from Portrait to Landscape.

6.- LOCUS will SHOW you the screen of step 3 "Save as" again instead of the track statistics and NO TABS (it is supposed that the track is already saved)

7.- If you then click on the map preview it will crash Locus.


I made a screen Recording about this Bug.

Here's the online link.



Thank you, this issue should be fixed now!

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