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Bug When rotating the screen in a just created track. Locus Crashes.

Ferran Astals shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi I will Open a new ticket because I posted this in a comment and seems it passed unnoticed.

When you just save a track for the first time, just after creating it, and you see the track Resume information (with the Statistics and the Chart...) if you rotate the mobile, the screen will rotate too but it will show the track name saving again, and not the Statistics and the Chart. If you click Save again, the TABS "Information", "Statistics", "Chart", "Laps", don't appear.

It's easy to reproduce, it happens always to me


1.- Record a Track.

2.- Click Stop

3.- The "Save as" screen appears.

4.- Give it a name and Save it. You'll see the Track Statistics screen.

5.- Now ROTATE your mobile screen from Portrait to Landscape.

6.- LOCUS will SHOW you the screen of step 3 "Save as" again instead of the track statistics and NO TABS (it is supposed that the track is already saved)

7.- If you then click on the map preview it will CRASH Locus.

I made a screen Recording about this Bug.

Here's the online link.


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ah, I was not un-noticed. I was just on 10 day vacation, so this was reason for a short inactivity. As I wrote in different topic, issue found and fixed, thanks!

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