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Builing a webservice to be loaded dynamically

Daniel Cheng shared this question 8 years ago

We currently have a webservice for our internal system with


that give a list of POI in kml or geojson format. Those POI change very frequently. Is there any way to load them dynamically in locus as POI or overlay?

If not, can we build our own add-on?

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Good day Daniel,

do not know why, but your topic remains for very long time without response. Sorry for that.

Are you still interested in this task?

If so, I think there are two possibilities. One is thanks to KML network link feature. Second is as you wrote - own add-on. If you have someone at least little bit skilled with Android/Java developing, creating an add-on over Locus API is really easy task.

Let me know if I can help you in any way, but please only in mind, that we do not have any people to make any custom add-ons.


Good Day.

I am still interested in this.

Any document / sample project for doing a POI provider in api?



Good day,

really basic information about Locus API is here:

Best is to install sample project and test it. I usually write docs only when someone needs them, so if there will be any problem, write me precisely about it.

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