Button to go fullscreen in top panel

Tom de Graaff shared this idea 4 years ago

I would appreciate a button directly on my top panel to go fullscreen.

So the option "FullScreen" available under Settings >> Maps >> Panels&Buttons >> Set functions panels.

This function already exists, in the Quick settings. I use it over there. But now you always have to push 1) Quick Settings and then 2) FullScreen to maximize the app on your phone. I would like to get rid of one step :-)

Is this possible (and usefull for others?!)?

Btw, to me it would also be a usefull solution if this button becomes available as a dashboard function...

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Good day Tom,

I'm sorry, but this feature is not possible. There is a lot more options that should be useful to have directly in panel, but exactly for this exists Quick switch feature. I believe that one more tap is not a big problem. Thanks for understanding.


To bad but I do understand