Buttons of right hand panel share same icon

Andrea shared this problem 3 years ago

Hi Menion,

Are you aware that some buttons in function panel are identical but with different purposes?

There are at least two of them shared in two functions each. They are:

Elements of the map / Active elements

POI menu / POI from LoMaps

I was also wondering if there wasn't any possibility to customize some of these buttons. A few of them are very similar with each other and not much intuitive, I have some difficulties to retain their purpose and often confuse them.



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Hello Andrea,

ah ... if you ask me before, if all buttons are unique, I would say "yes, they are" :). Thanks.

In app is quite a lot of functions and we find it sometimes difficult to create ideal icons. You wrote about the option to change: no, this definitely won't be implemented. But if anyone gives me a suggestion for a better icon, I'll really gladly use it.

At least for "Points from LoMaps", I'm sure we will be able to bring some better icon. Others .. will have to think a while about it.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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