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Martin Holý shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hi I would like to manage my cached offline maps. I want to delete map tiles which I don't need any more. It will be nice to see areas where I have cached maps and be able to draw area and select levels which I want to delete. It can be some overlay over base map. Just some polygon line. I will choice a map and zoom level and I will see areas where I have offline tiles with selected zoom level. Than I will draw an area where I want delete old tiles.

thank you


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Good idea.

[CZ] Tohle určitě dává smysl, také jsem nad tím přemýšlel. Akorát dlaždice budou často "náhodně" rozházené (ne vždy vznikají stažením souvislé oblasti), že nebude dost dobře možné je přehledně zobrazit pomocí nějakého ohraničujícího polygonu. Ale reálné by bylo zobrazování dlaždic pomocí poloprůhledného overlaye.

Důležitá by byla volba zoomu spravované mapy nezávisle na skutečném měřítku zobrazení. Tedy např. dlaždice v zoomu 16 nelze reálně spravovat při zobrazení v zoomu 16 (to by se člověk ulistoval).


Yes please, this is very much needed! With each vacation many thousand tiles are stored that are most likely not going to be used for a long time. I could switch to downloading into a separate sqlite rather than shared online but that comes with less usability as well.

I've been using Locus for so long that quite a few cached map sqlite's became so large that they wouldn't work anymore and I had to delete many maps and of course re-download a lot of tiles.

As a simple implementation I'd suggest to include this into the download manager since the basic functionality would already be there - all that's needed is a "don't download but delete tiles" checkbox and voila basically done :-)

I guess an sqlite trim would be required afterwards to actually free storage?

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