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Thomas Hanslik shared this question 9 years ago

Sorry for this Question but i didn ́t find it in the online manual for locus. If i choose a geocache in locus there is a menu when i click on the 3 dots in the right corner there is a option called "calculated". What is this?

I couldn ́d find it on the manual.

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Hello Thomas,

you may test it on your own. Display any cache and edit it`s coordinates. You may do it for example directly in screen with cache by "pen" icon next to coordinates. By this, cache will be marked as "computed", this mean that it`s not anymore on it`s original coordinates but on own improved. If you want to remove this mark "computed", you may use this button in menu.

tag "computed", is useful for example for sorting in folders. You may quickly find, which of mystery caches are on final coordinates and are ready to search. Better now?


Hello Menion,

thanks for your answer. This option ist very cool. In the past i have corrected the coordinates of my solved mysteries directly on the website and import the Pocket Query GPX file (generated from my bookmark list "Solved Mysteries") into Locus in the database also called "Solved Mysteries".

Now i know the option and i can directly correct the coordinates into Locus. Nice.....

But one more last question: When i corrected the coords of a mysterie only in Locus and import a Pocket Query which contains the same mysteries Locus will remain my calculated coordinates obtained ??

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