Calibrate the compass

Yaroslav Nalyvaiko shared this question 10 months ago


By this time, I have used one of the applications from Google Play to calibrate the compass. After updating this application, I see ads that are often annoying. I downloaded another application for calibrating the compass, but it also has bored advertising.

I'm wondering why by this time the locus does not have its own function for calibrating sensors

I understand that, for calibration, you do not need anything special, enough to figure out the figure 8, but you could not add at least some kind of hint at the need for calibration.

I propose to implement it in the following way so that the map rotation button notifies the color change about the need for calibration, just like the gps button or live-tracking in the panel. Green - does not need to be calibrated, yellow or red - requires calibration

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Hi Yaroslav,

you don't need any application for calibrating compass, just turn your device in 8 shaped direction ( On the other hand, Locus does not have an information about compass being not calibrated - Locus takes compass data from your device - only user can recognize it is not calibrated.

If you need to calibrate gyro sensors, place your device on a horizontal surface and tap the tilt monitors on the compass screen (