Can I use the API to get the Points currently shown in Map?

Carlos Vela shared this question 4 years ago

Is there a way using the API to just get a list of point that Locus Map is currently showing in the map? I can have 1000 custom points loaded in the map, but then the user can zoom in our zoom out. I would like to get just the points that are currently being shown in the map as a result of a zoom in.


Carlos Vela

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Good day Carlos,

unfortunately this feature is as well not possible for now. Anyway as in case of "screenshot", I agree that this may be useful.

If you are really interested in any of these features, please post them on API github page , I'll look on it closer there.

There is more tasks and areas where API should be improved. I'm currently focused on some important tasks in Locus Map itself, so cannot promise when improvements in API will be done, sorry an thank you for understanding.


No problem. Thanks for your reply.

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