Can Locus selectively enable/disable specific Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)?

Hilbert Setter shared this question 4 years ago

Hi, does Locus in its settings allow the user to enable or disable a specific GNSS?

For example: to enable Glonass and disable all the other GNSS the smartphone can receive, or enable GPS and Glonass and disable BeiDou and Galileo, or any other combination.

I have found many apps that show the satellite from different GNSS, just like Locus does, and also some apps that allow you to *display* only satellites from the selected GNSS, but they always *use* all the GNSS they can receive to compute the user's position.

What I am looking for is the possibility to *use* only the selected GNSS to compute the position.


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Good day Hilbert,

this is currently technically not possible. Since Android 7.0+, it is possible to get raw received GPS data and compute location on own, but this is intended mainly for a scientific reasons, not for global public usage.

So sorry, you will have to probably wait if there will be someone skilled and interested in this topic. But generally, there should be no practical reason for this, as more data here simply means = more variables in compute equations = more precise results ( simply say ).


Thanks a lot Menion!

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