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Can Locus show position using UHF NMEA radio?

Alzadjali shared this question 5 years ago


We go desert adventurer by 4x4 and us mobile UHF radio to communicate, our radios have gps built in and can transmit the location of the car. How can I configure my Locus Map to show their positions?

Thank you

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Good day Alzazadjali,

it depends, if your device may transmit data over Bluetooth and if, then which NMEA messages is transmiting. You may try it by enabling Bluetooth GPS in Menu > more > Bluetooth Manager.


Thank you for fast reply, you mean this way I can receive their location to show on my map?


I cannot say for sure because I do not know this device.

I'm just trying to say, that Locus Map is able to connect to Bluetooth GPS device, that send GPS data over NMEA messages. In this case, Locus Map is able to read these NMEA messages and display location on map.

Maybe this topic may be useful for you as well: . It's about second alternative where Locus Map is able to read special messages with locations.

I'm not expert in this area, but maybe it will be possible and I've forwarded you on correct way. Good luck.

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