Can no longer log in or download caches? Doesn't recognize me a s a "Premium" member?

Jeff Jensen (The Walkabouts) shared this problem 2 years ago
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Using Locus maps and caching add-on I can't download any caches anymore or set filters(grayed out). Not sure what happened or changed. I have uninstalled both Locus apps and the geocaching app, reinstalled, logged in to geocaching fine(am a premium member). When attempting to sign on in Locus it hangs at "sign in" at the top and a full white screen, no options?

I have tried everything I can think of.

Thank you,

Jeff Jensen

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Good day Jeff,

sorry to hear about such problems. I expect that you are sure that Premium membership is still valid, so let's look where should be an issue in Locus Map itself and add-on Geocaching4Locus. Because issue in login appear on both apps, I have only idea > old Android component ( called 'WebView' ) that helps both apps to login. Please check on Google Play in your device, if application Android System WebView has any updates and update it if possible. Then let us know. Thank you.


This problem is identical to this one. Just update Android System WebView via Google Play to a latest version as Menion wrote.