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Improve spacing of a track's directional arrows

Taras D shared this idea 6 years ago

When you select a track, directional arrows appear on the track. If the track's Style is "Simple Color", the arrows are widely-spaced and don't degrade the track's appearance.

If the track's Style is anything else, like Speed, Altitude, Change of speed, etc, the arrows are not widely-spaced and can degrade the track's appearance.

Here is an example of a track using the "Speed" Style and it degrades the track's appearance by displaying too many directional arrows.


Here are examples of a track using the "Simple Color" style compared to using Altitude, Speed, etc (all samples are highly magnified). Is there any way I can reduce the number of displayed directional arrows?


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Good day Taras,

I'm changing your question to idea and I'm also marking it as implemented. I've of course noticed this "issue" , but it has low importance to me. Anyway it's time to change it so part of code that take care of this rewrote and result is a lot better. Let me know if there will be any issues with new system in next version.

Thank you!

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