Cannot change map resolution

A. Weber shared this problem 9 months ago

Today I was playing around with the settings and tried out the "Increase map resolution" setting in Advanced Map Features. I set it to 200%.

Now I want to set it back to 100% but in the popup dialog which opens when selecting this setting, I only see a loading indicator which does not go away as before.

How can I reset this setting?

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Strange, after having the "Loading ..." running for about 15 minutes or more, the settings appeared.


Dear A. Weber.

We are sorry for the troubles with map resolution.

The bug will be fixed in the next Locus version.

Kind regards



Some workarounds I found on my Samsung Galaxy S9:

1. Use the HOME button to go to the Home Screen, then open Locus Map again, or

2. Use the POWER button to turn the screen off and back on, or

3. Press the "Recent Apps" button, then select Locus Map to switch back to it.

After any of these, the loading indicator is gone and the dialog is ready for input.

-- George


It looks like this is fixed with the latest Locus Map build.

Thank you!