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Can't login: problem on remote server

Michal Boček shared this problem 3 years ago

I am unable to log in to the store. After long waiting I get an error "Whoops, problem on remote server".

I'm using the app bought through Amazon Appstore on a LineageOS (Android 8.1) with microG instead of Google Pay. I have using it Google play disabled in the Locus settings.

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Good day Michal,

we were fighting with some problems related to MicroG framework some time ago right? Also as you wrote, you are well aware of option in Expert settings", hmm.

Problem 10102 means usually "timeout" problem. Please double-check your internet connection, because there were no changes in app code related to this login system and also I do not expect other than short temporary problem on Google web we use for login mechanism. Thanks.



Yep, it was me :) Ah, ok, it might have been only some intermittent issue. Now I am able to log in and buy some LoCoins. Thanks for the reply.

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