Can't make "not logged" the default selection

Alan Budden shared this problem 7 years ago

I use Locus for geocaching and will usually do the logging off-line while I'm on a walk and then use FieldNotes to upload the logs when I get back to reliable 3G reception. Sometimes this will be part-way round the walk.

When I go into the FieldNotes app, it defaults to selecting the field notes from that day. I can find a configuration option to select a number of days to select. What would be far more useful to me would be to auto-select all of the logs that haven't yet been uploaded to the server. The "select not logged" button in the selection menu seems to do this, but I can find no way to make this the default.

For now, I've configured it to select nothing, which is better than selecting a day's worth (several times I've accidentally uploaded duplicate logs which are then a pain to delete on, but it would be really nice to have this as a (possibly configurable) default.

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Hello Alan,

this topic belongs to indepenedent developer of add-on Field notes, but I noticed, that it should be solved in new version. So please check it.

I`m also glad to see this improved/fixed ;)

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