Can't read SD card

Cegam shared this problem 4 years ago


I just installed Cyanogen Mod 13 on my Galaxy S5. On my SD card I have a directory with open street maps. Unfortunately, when I try to access this directory via Maps and add directory I receive an error message saying the path is not allowed. How can I fix this? I know SD cards is an issue since Android 4 but I thought reading works...

Thank you!!

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Hello Cegam

- do you use default directory for maps? menu/settings/Misc/default directories

- is folder naming on ext SD different to naming of maps folder on internal SD?



Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the maps folder on my SD-card is set as default directory.

Yes, the folder name is different on the external SD-card (see screenshot). However, I am not sure what you mean by this question?!

Thank you!


Hi Cegam,

i´m not sure, so just a try....

please rename your Folder on ext SD with filemanager

for "maps" > Outdoor/OSM-Karten/maps


for "vector maps" > Outdoor/mapsVector

after that reset preferences of maps and mapsVector to default, restart locus an set the new path of both folders.

After an additional restart it should work


Yay, it works with default paths set to default and renaming the maps folder to "maps".

Thank you :)


Hello Cegam, balloni55,

firstly sorry for a late response and thanks balloni55 for a help. As I read this, I have no idea, what is a problem :).

When you used some custom names for directories with maps on SD card, Locus refused to use them? If you have a moment, may you please try to simulate this problem? If this happen, create me a screenshot of error message you see. I'll try to find places where this may happen. Because if I remember correctly, there should be no limitations on names of these directories. Thank You!


Hi Menion,

I just tried to reproduce the problem but no there is no more problem :)

I have deleted the "maps" Subfolder and reverted to my "OSM-Karten" folder and it still works. I suppose, Locus somehow got the hickups between switching to Cyanogen Mod, and from treating SD card as internal memory and back.

Probably, setting default paths to standard and restarting did the job.

Have a good one!


Thank you for extra information. This is what I've expected :). If there will be some similar issues, let me know.

Have a nice day.

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