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Jos shared this problem 8 years ago
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I have problems with navigation. I`ll like to go to a place about 10.5 km from my home place. When I use the compas it is ok (the correct direction and distance) when I use car navigation, there isn`t a route I only see a dotted line, and the distance to the place is now 9357 km and the direction is totaly wrong, it seems that it is plotted over the Artic. What could be the problem, because I can`t use locus now for car navigation and that is very annoying for me.

The problem start after installing the last update.

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Hi Jos,

I would assume it is a problem with the service which is used to calculate the route. Maybe you can testwise select a different service and try again.

On the other hand you could share the coordinates for begin and end here (you may shift the locations a little for privacy reasons of course but take care that the result is still weird with these coordinates).


Because of lack of information from Jos, I'm closing this issue

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