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first of all lat me say thank you very much for this great work!

I will use it to drive through south america this year and have loaded all maps i will need there to use offline.

This works great.

But i have a problem with the navigation start and end-points:

I have sortet a lot of POIs in different categories, to keep the orientation (sorted by area, where each town has its own category)

when i will fix the start and end point, i have not yet found out, how to use a POI, stored in a diffenent category as FAVORITES.

I have to perform "Take from map" and move the target to the POI manually.

It would be great, if you can add the "category" item in the list of choices or the opportunity to change from "Favorites" to another category like it is when i change the category of a POI.



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ah, one more user interested in offline navigation.

Maybe you like to vote for this one, too:

I added my vote here.


This is not only an issue for navigation but in all situations in Locus where you can enter a location: in Navigation, in Geocaching tools, etc.

You always have to shift POIs to FAVORITES to have them available.


Applies to WEATHER also.

You can only directly call up weather for locations in Favorites Category.


Tož bych taky přidal jeden námět na vylepšení. Nepodařilo se mi najít způsob, jak vyhledat trasu mezi body (pozice) z jiné kategorie, než je "Oblíbené". Jinak řečeno: Když si vytvořím vlastní kategorii a umístím do ní body, nemůžu ty body vybírat pro plánování tras mezi nimi. Nebylo by dobré to též odladit? ;)

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zase s křížkem po funuse ;)


This request is already implemented for some time.

Locus is now able to pick points from whatever folder you want.