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Center map on location when opening app during track recording

Clayton laramie shared this question 5 years ago

Is there a setting I'm missing that will do this? When I'm skiing and tracking my route I open the app to see where I am but it's not centered on my location. I know I can press the one button to center it but is there a way to make it center automatically every time I open the app while recording my track?

I found a setting to center on my location every 5 seconds but I don't want to use that because sometimes I'm looking at a different part of the map and don't want it to snap back to my position.

Seems like this probably already exists but I just can't find it. Ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Clayton,

use the centering button in the bottom left corner. When it is blue centering is active and Locus will show your location in the middle of the screen even when you turn screen off and on after some time. But be aware that even slight shift of the map switches centering off - that's why there's the "Hold map center" feature. If 5 seconds is too short, you can make it longer:

- go to /Locus/ directory and open "config.cfg" file in any text editor

- find parameter "map_hold_center_method_timeout=5" and change the value to something more acceptable

- save the config.cfg file and restart Locus


Great thanks for that. So simple not sure how I missed it. I'll try next time I ski and report back if I have problems. Cheers

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