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Incorrect centring of the map on Android Wear shared this problem 4 years ago

Question on my TicWatch Pro using the Locus plugin for Android Wear: centring the view on the watch screen: nowadays it is 'gravitating' to the bottom of the small watch screen instead of in the middle. So my current position is then shown in watch bottom screen, also when pushing the right mid blue button for centring. Is this behaviour changed recently?

Issue is that when navigating to the South, then there is almost no screen left to show the route. And I see myself forced to start browsing the screen on the watch, while biking ...

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thanks for this bug report. For my own surprise, it seems to be an issue in the recent Locus Map version. Issue is caused by incorrect handling of "Shift map center" feature during navigation. It will be fixed in the next 3.41.1 version, thanks again.



Just tried the beta and that one looks better, litterally, on the watch screen. I like the joined zooming, when phone is zoomed, then also watch is zoomed along. Looking forward to the release of Pro with this and other fixes for current issues that are bothering me daily.

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