Change a saved route, after changing new calculate the route?

Gastrapper0815 shared this question 10 months ago


I want change a saved route.

The route goes from A to B to C an so on.

I don´t want go from B to C,

I want insert a new point between B and C and calculate the new distance and course from the route.

After the new calculation I want save the route.

Is this action possible in locus pro?

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of course it is possible. Very easy.

Warning: Edit Route not via EDIT ROUTE! Old function (probably for compactibility for old routes)

Use the ROUTE PLANTER option!

You work there normally as a planner.

Tap and drag point. Tap and change point to moveable point if you need to add somewhere.

For a given action between two points, you can choose any profile you need.

Try and see. If you have any other questions, then write.