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Change distance accuracy vom km/m to cm

Rita S√ľndhofer shared this problem 15 months ago


I want to define the navigation distance in centimeters in the free version (I am working with a GNSS Bluetooth device with submeter distance accuracy).

I found the possibility to change vom km to cm (Einstellungen, Spache & Einheiten --> Distanz --> Metrisch m/km or m).

Is it even possible to change the navigation distance to cm in the free Locus Map version? Or do you know another possibility/programme to navigate to a point with submeter accuracy?

Kind regards and thanks for your help. Rita Sündhofer

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Good day Rita,

such option is not available for Locus Map application. We talk about application focused mainly on hike & bike and here sub-meter accuracy is not so useful. What is your use-case that you search for such precision? Because if we talk about GIS, we also develop Locus GIS application (available on Google Play), where is an option to increase precision (number of decimal numbers) for the distance values.


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