Change icons in geocaching

Giovanni shared this idea 6 years ago

look like impossible to change icons for all categories of caches downloaded from site.

Anything that can be done?

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Hello Giovanni,

I think this is already implemented.

Check please this manual. It's not the easiest thing to make it work, but it's possible


Maybe I don't explain in the best way:

My problem is that:

- download some geocaches;

- select one or more of them;

- go to "tools" (down on the right button);

- the third menu is "Change Icons"

- if you press it, it appears the phrase: "Geocaches does not support this funcion".

If you do the same in any created waypoint, you are able to change icons singularly to each point.

I wasn't able to change icons to some geocaches, for examples, as my mistery where I prefer to place the icon where the cache effectively is placed.

Attached, you will find a picture of what I try to explain. I tried to change Icon to the selected iconn but was impossible


Hmm I understand what you try to do, but to be true, I do not understand why you try to do this.

If icon is defined as "Traditional cache", it has icon as "Traditional cache". There is no need to change it.

Or is there any reason for this?


Because, for examples, if I would like to have two different POI for mistery and multi (owned or solved), one with the posted (fake) coord and one with the real one using the same information downloaded from the site, it could be easier to change only the icon and change coords.


Sorry Giovanni, I have to deny this idea.

What you want is your special use case and I'm not sure it should be useful feature for others.

Also in this case, is possible to make difference betweem two points by it's name, so I suggest to add something to cache name, which say that one is computed, one is original downloaded.