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Change planned route after saving (segments lost)

Uatschitchun shared this problem 6 years ago

Following scenario:

I create a route with the route planner, set start point, add via points, adapt route to desired paths with red dots (additional via points get created) and so on until finished.

Save the route

Open saved route in route planner again, gives only start, end and one red dot. All via points are gone. A simple reshaping (maybe choose just a parallel path for a few hundred meters) isn't possible anymore :-(

Using the red dot changes whole route, as there are no segments anymore, and adding a via point adds it after finish as point 3.

What about the segments I had when initially planning the route?

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We are sorry for the problem with Locus app.

Unfortunately, we have no other bug report about route planner in the newest Locus version. Please, check if you are using the newest Locus version 3.27.1. If so, may we ask you for a short video where we can see the problem with track?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards



See attached Screenshots.

One is when finished planning a route prior to saving (segments are there)

Second is route planning after route has been saved (no segments anymore). Just slightly editing the route isn't possible anymore


Yes, strange. It works exactly like in the vid... on my phone... tablet wasn't working like that? I'll recheck


Seems, I've maybe found the cause...

On my tablet I have the new graph-hopper addon installed and I'm using that with route planner.

See attached screenshots. First is when planning and second is re-opened in route planner.

I tried a few routes to test. It only sometimes looses segments. Can't exactly find a way to reproduce :-(


GraphHopper Locus add-on 0.4.2

No problem here, works as expected.

After save: CLEAR Planner !

Screen empty ? = "no track shown" ok

Open the saved track from database.

Reopen into planner by trackmenu !


Maybe your experience is +/- explained by your other help problem "topic" ?

As Hana replied will be fixed.

From that 'other' topic: I had a reply text...but Hana was faster ;-)

Other topic:

Confirm, reproducible by:

Load source track. By menu open in the RoutePlanner ->

(Source track now in 'transparant" activ mode ?)

No planner edit, no change. No save, no new save.

-> Clear planner -> Leave by tap: [<- Route Planner]

Source track still activ but in a "transparant" mode

See database: Active by "EYE" is SET.

A retrigger by "EYE" removes the 'transparancy".


Tried a few times now, to reproduce, but can't :-(

If there isn't anyone other able to reproduce, maybe we should close it?

But, I don't know how to manually create a route, like in the examples above, with only start, end and one red dot?! Any routing service would have taken the same route back and forth?!


Hello guys,

as I read discussion, I have currently no explanation for this behavior. Routes created and saved with latest Locus Map version, should be re-opened in Route planner in 1:1 compare to original plan.

If you find any clue that will lead to steps I may follow & repeat to simulate problem, please let me know here. Thank you!

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