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Change Point icon from external android App

Mario Castillo shared this question 5 years ago


Is it possible to change the point's icon from another App? I was able to call my android App from Locus map (using a link in the point description) so a user can enter some additional information about that point and store it in a local database. However, I need to somehow tell the user, in the map, that he has already worked with that point so he won't do it twice. My end user usually works with more than 100 points so being able to make that distinction just by looking is really important. This is why I thought if my app would be able to change icon of that point. Thanks in advance!


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Good day Mario,

your idea is quite complicated to do, but it should be even now possible, but only over Locus API. So it is not possible to do it somehow simply over intents, but it's needed to write own application that will over Locus API communicate with Locus, handler clicks on points and supply own data from clicked points ( like link to icons ). Now sure if you are already doing something like with with description of points.

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