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Change Style On Map For Multiple Tracks

Hannes Hofer shared this idea 7 years ago

First of all thank you so much for the continuous effort of the Locus developer and team. It is by far the best nav software on any platform. I use it extensively on my long distance hikes.

Sorry in case that I did not search enough, but I am missing a way to change the style of multiple tracks. Multiple tracks can be selected, but style change is not an available group function. This is bothersome esp. after importing a large number of tracks (f.e. the E1 European trail has >650 tracks), since the style can also not be chosen in the import options menu. Changing folder style is a great function, but helps only if the tracks are marked "use folder style" which is not the case after import .

Solutions would be one or more of the following: 1) Add change style as a group function 2) Function to pre-select track style before import in the import option menu 3) Function to select "use folder style" for imported tracks in the import option menu.

Thanks a lot again

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Good day Hannes,

not sure now, for how long this feature already existing in Locus Map. In case you missed it (or other users), simple select certain number of tracks in "Track folder" and use "Change style" option in bottom tools menu ( so it is your option no. 1 = group function).

Thank you for an idea and enjoy summer & Locus Map.

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