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Changing symbol colours

Kjell Forssen shared this question 7 years ago

I would like to change the colour of the triangular arrow head (now blue) that shows your direction when moving and also the circel with the minimal cirkel in the center (now grey) that shows my position. Is there any settings for that or do I have to change in the config file?

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Good day Kjell,

these main cursors are defined in settings > maps > map content > map cursors and navigation cursors. There are already prepared some custom cursors in Locus Store or you may try to create your own with this method:

Direct change of colors of existing cursors is not possible.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you will have any further questions.


Hi Menion

Thanks for your fast answer.

I am not sure that I can see the whole Locus store since I only found two different colors bike-symbols on the navigation cursors.

Is that correct or should there be more?



PS Reason for asking is that I have a watch With Android 5.1 (not Android ware) and have installed Locus there. It works fairly well. Since the screen is very small I have to optimize the visibility of the symbols.DS

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Hello Kjell,

it is correct, just two navigation packs and as I see, five packs for basic map cursors. They serve mainly as a samples for those, who wants to create their own.

Maybe you should try to just increase size of cursors on your watches. This settings is in chooser of cursors.

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