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Changing to a different icon pack (zip) for points produces an error

Žilina shared this problem 5 years ago


I use my own icon packs and decided to create another to incorporate more icons.

I created the usual zip file and this time I gave it a different name.

I edited each folder in Points and selected icons from the new icon pack I'd created.

It all seemed fine however whenever I go in to Points for the first time after starting Locus Maps, a large orange box flashed up at the bottom saying "File '', Didn't find it"

I've double checked all my folders and none point to any icon from the old zip file (which I've deleted).

The side effect of this error is some of the icons for folders are not displayed until I go back one menu and then go back into the Points menu and then they are all displayed.

Thanks :)

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My bad... sorry!

It was an icon in the Tracks that was pointing to the old icon zip.

However going directly into the Points menu caused the error to be displayed so I assumed it was in the Points menu.

Perhaps the error could be a little more descriptive/accurate so you can pinpoint the issue a little more easily?


Good day,

this is the correct request, but a little bit complicated. The big part of code that tries to load (by any method) icons, has no idea from where the request for icon comes. So information about the "problem with loading X" is maximum I'm able to get. I'm aware of this issue in the case, you manipulate with points/tracks/icons, but unfortunately, I have no better solution, sorry.


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