Charging Points for electric vehicles

mambofive shared this idea 2 years ago

For drivers of electric vehicles, finding charging stations is very important.

There are several directories of charging stations available, some are commercial, some community based. The most complete comminity based directory, at least for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and probably for other European countries is ( They offer a POI download which I can import to Locus Maps (, and there are several Apps which are based on this directory (for Android e.g. "Next Plug", "Stromtankstellen", ...). The platform offers an API to access the data (

I would like to see the Charging Stations as POI in Locus:

  • Display as POI on the map, with an icon showing the current status (available, unavailable).
  • Filter the displayed stations on several criteria (status, plug type, operator, ...)
  • Show details (photos, location, access information, plug types, ...) in a detail screen
  • Store offline (note that there are some restrictions for storing data from the API in the conditions)
  • Standard POI operations like starting navigation etc.

Possibly also integrate other directories like chargemap (, plug share (, LEMnet (, ...

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thank you for an idea. I have to say that it's already (partially) available in Locus. The charging stations are already displayed as POI on the map and are available in the Menu - POI Beta under section 'GAS station' . We're planing to improve current POI offline database, so we'll consider your points. Thank you for an idea

Regards, Petr

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