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Michael Vogel shared this problem 7 years ago

When browsing around an area (using different zoom factors) it seems for me, that some names of larger cities aren't displayed, while other small village names are seen. Therefore it is not very easy to find certain locations. I see this effect when using openstreet vector maps of austria, england and italy.

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I remember it is - or at least was - frequent problem with various online web OSM renderers. Typically OpenCycleMap. For some zooms, some regions looked like an abandoned area nearly without villages. They often disappeared when zooming in, and reappeared later if zooming in continued.

As LocusMap does not use its own map renderer, but uses public libraries of MapsForge, I suppose this cannot be fixed easily. Menion may say more.


Hi Michael,

it's long term issue and you can probably find similar post here or on Locus forume. Problem is (as Poutnik mentioned) in renderer of vector maps (Mapsforge library). Honestly we tried to improve it maybe year ago but the result are not still sufficient. It's quite complex task and we were not able to fix it properly. But this is something we have to focus on during this year. Unfortuantely I can not give you any quick solution.

Thanks for understanding


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