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Coastline incorrectly displayed

kwizatz haderach shared this problem 4 years ago

Hi! Since the last 2 or 3 locus updates the coastline /rivers /lakes /etc. representation while using opemandromaps started to show straight lines and not the real contours. This problem doesn't manifest in some areas. When I change the map theme the contours briefly displays correctly, but immediately the straight lines replace the real contours. Is there some configuration that I changed without noticing or is it something that is broken within locus? Any debugging that is recommended?

I attach 2 print screens that show the problem.


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could I ask you for more info or would you please:

  • please download the latest OAM
  • do you use their official themes?
  • open Menu > Settings > Maps > Offline maps > LoMaps and vector maps > please turn-off the auto-loading (if enabled) and let me know influence the mentioned issue

Thanks, Petr

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