Color-coded opening_hours and "opens at / open until" like in osmand

George Angelopoulos shared this idea 6 years ago


boring intro for context and general feedback:

Just switched most of my usage from OsmAnd+ to Locus Map Pro. Very nice 👌. The main thing for me is that Locus Map has all the same osm data but renders it much faster than OsmAnd. All the other minor features are nice bonuses. However, there are some things that OsmAnd does which Locus Map doesn't seem to do. For example, in OsmAnd you can search and display specific kinds of nodes like "ATM" or "Bike Shop" and you can do it offline. If this is possible in Locus Map, it's not obvious how. However, I have no idea how realistic it would be to implement such a feature. On the other hand, here is a trivial but useful feature of osmand which I think could be simple to implement in Locus:

The actual idea:

In the details of a place, dynamically show what time it opens or closes depending on the current time and the data from the osm tag "opening_hours".

The Virgin Locus:


The Chad OsmAnd:



The idea is:

If the place is open, say "open until X" and make it green.

If it closes soon, make it orange.

If it is closed, say "opens at Y" and make it red.

This was implemented in OsmAnd very recently and I found it to be very useful, instead of having to parse the raw tag data.

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Good day George,

thanks for a nice idea. Agree it may be useful & nice looking. After the quick check, I see it is a more complicated task ... so let's hope for big positive interest (number of votes) ;).


This task should be completed.


Thanks freischneider,

task is partially completed as seen on the screenshot, so thanks for note.


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