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Hrabosh shared this problem 8 years ago

This place is close to Monte Incudine.

There is marked old gr20, but unfortunately it's marked with blank colour (not defined in OSM?), so it's easy to miss it. Would it be possible to use more common color, but blank? Thanks.

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Well, on osm is defined "white" color for this track. So the question is how to substitute the white color. In case that we use different colour then it could cause more problems then invisible white. Maybe light gray but gray is color for city areas like square. Gray is also used as outline for highways. Little bit complicated.

Do you know how is the track signed in terrain? Are there some white marks? Is white color common in France? Corse?



Main GR20 is red-white (same pattern as in Austria):


Variants and side trails on Korsika are either marked by yellow dot (~ 8cm in diameter) or yellow strip or pair of yellow strips. I haven't seen white-yellow combination.

Marking of TMB (in France as well) is different: Tour_du_Mont_Blanc

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