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Colour and altitude info for "Yours" guiding tracks

jtkorken shared this problem 10 years ago

"Routing" better "Guiding", I think in Locus terms, with the YOURS setting is really amazing (although I do not really know where it gets its way info from??), but 2 things I wonder about (don`t know if these are bugs or missing features):

1. I see the respective settings of "Colour" applied to the "Guiding Line with these arrows", but it would be very helpful to have this colour setting applied also to the generated track (in order to be able to differentiate this SPECIAL track from other already on the maps with the set standard track colour).

2. The generated track can be looked at in the tracks section. Good. But in order to get a altitude profile (which is great), one needs to manually add SRTM data! Automatic addition would be very, very user-friendly.

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure if above problems are still valid

1) please explain it a little bit. Anyway for me it seems to be more idea for improvements then a problem (if so, please create a separate idea)

2) gettings altitude data is known problem in locus, that needs to be done better. But - it's working automatically now (after users confirmation to download data), so I think this problem is solved.

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