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AntMadeira shared this problem 3 years ago
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Hi there.

I've noticed there's something missing in the units screen: the option to set decimal values with commas and not points.

In Portugal (and in many other countries) decimal values are represented like this: 0,004 / 13,9 etc.

More about this:

Could this be implemented in Locus?


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both decimal dot and comma are correct. Nevertheless, Locus Map as a global app uses decimal dot. Probably 1) due to default usage of English and 2) of global Android developers' standards. Hope it's not such a problem as we have no more feedback like this over the years.


You're right, it's not a big problem in practical terms, that's probably why no one wrote about this before, but it would be an improvement of the app in terms of correctness, since there are more countries that use the comma, instead of the point.

Maybe it's something you could consider in the future.

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