Commentary block new topics on android phone

johan sanders shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

when trying to add new topics on smartphone i get always a dexription error stating "you must fill in more then 3 letters" while there is already a full text

it seems that the text is not recognised on the phone

on the pc - as i use now - it works alright

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Good day Johan,

thank you for your report. Because this help desk is made by another company, usually it is best to report such problems directly on their web page here: . Otherwise you may improve your report here a little bit (Android version, browser) and I'll copy & paste your problem to their web by myself.

Thank you.


Good day

Please send further

Thanks for your reaction

Android v 4.1.2

Stock browser

Samsung s3 mini

Brst regards


Op 12-okt.-2015 14:22 schreef "Locus Map" <>:


Hello Johann,

I haven't managed to simulate your problem on a different phone so the fault might be in your device or in your browser. Therefore we won't report this to the UseResponse.