Communication with Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Tom Hilde shared this question 2 years ago


I am planning my tracks with Locus. Then I want to transfer this track to my Elemnt Bolt.

I export the track and import it to the wahoo companion app.

Everything ist Ok, but i am missing the name of the waypoints. If I do the same with e.g. Komoot the names of the waypoints are there.

Am I doing something wrong?

I saw there is an addon for Wahoo Rflkt. Is there something for Elemnt too?

Thank you for your feedback.


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Hi Tom,

Wahoo addon for Locus is not developed by us - it's another user's project. Try to contact him.


Hi Michal,

now I had time to test the import.The problem is the gpx-export of Locus.

There is a track with unnamed points and seperately there are named waypoints. See the picture.Is it possible to name the points in the track?

Regards Tom



Hi Tom,

Locus export is designed not for Wahoo devices exclusively but for all devices and navi.-apps generally. Obviously, we won't rewrite GPX export for just one of them - that's why there are add-ons which are able to read Locus export correctly. As I wrote last time, Locus - Wahoo Rflkt addon is developed by a third party, try to contact them - and find out if your device isn't compatible with their software.