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Compass Cursor malfunction on map view

Lovro Šipovac shared this problem 12 months ago


Long time Locus Map PRO user here!

I just got my Huawei P30 PRO with Android 9 Pie (EMUI and I have an issue with cursor display on map screen.

First of all, it is shown more as a stationary circle, both when I'm moving and staying in place, and when direction is shown it is extremely laggy, stuttering and jumping in all directions, so completely useless to be more precise.

I previously owned a Note 9 for a brief time and I can't remember if the same issue was there, but there were no such issues on my galaxy S5, direction was extremely smooth, responsive and accurate. And direction (with line turned on) was always displayed, even when stationary.

I tested built inn Locus compass on my P30 Pro and it is working flawlessly, snappy and accurate, so not working properly on map view must be some kind of bug.

Would appreciate if you can look into it, this is very important for me. Don't know if this is due to compatibility issue with the phone itself or newest locus pro bug


UPDATE; Just charged and turned on my good old Galaxy S5, installed identical version and I can see it's pretty much the same, cursor/line very laggy, jumping here and there, only circle displayed when stationary

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Hi Lovro,

we're sorry for inconveniences but Locus Map 3.37.2. was released over one month ago and you report the "bug" only now so it's improbable it is a bug in general. More probably, the behavior can depend on EMUI aggressive battery optimization system. Exclude Locus Map from ANY means of this optimization (see tips here:

Also, check your compass settings (Locus settings > GPS&sensors > Compass > select "auto-change")

One more thing - check Locus Map has ALL Android permissions it needs, especially regarding getting location.



Hello Michal,

Thanks for the answer. I think I found out what the "problem" was! Seems like I mixed up "Cursor to position line" and "Heading line" under settings. Cursor and cursor to position lines is most probably determined by the current and prior coordinates, while the heading line is basically that snappy "compas" line that I was talking about and is very useful to me! :)


If the heading line is jerky, it is possible your compass is not calibrated. How to calibrate it:

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