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Compass to show north on map when rotate map manually

jimmyfromthepieshop shared this question 5 years ago

Is it possible, when manually rotating the map, to have the compass show north relative to the map and not according to the phone's orientation?

It's confusing because currently when I rotate the map, the compass doesn't react. It only reacts to the phone's movements, but I want to see which way is north on the map and how far I have rotated the map.

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go to settings > GPS&sensors > Compass > switch to "hardware compass" or "auto-change". If your device is not equipped by hardware compass, Locus will rotate map only according to your movement.


Hi Michal, thanks for the reply.

This is already set to automatic; above 4.5kmh the GPS is used to determine direction.

However, I think I should have been clearer and also looked at this function properly:

The red pointer which appears when the map is rotated actually only appears when the map is on "auto-Rotation" and turns automatically. This is great as it is.

However, when the map is turned using one's fingers the pointer actually doesn't appear at all. Is it possible to have the pointer appear and stay pointing north relative to the map? If not, I suppose this belongs in the idea section...

Thanks for your help!


Hi Jimmy,

thanks for the report, we found a bug and also an idea for improvement of this feature.

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